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Sacred Sharing

Sharing a meal with people you love is such a sacred and simple thing you can do. Back in the day, it was the norm to eat dinner together as a family, at a real table. Times change, as they should, but this is one tradition that should never go away. Eating together creates and helps to cultivate relationships and encourages dialogue in all topics of life. It can build spiritual and intellectual bonds that last a lifetime. Sharing food with each other puts us in such a relaxed state and opens up communication channels in an extraordinary way, So why is no one doing this anymore?

I know personally, in my house, it’s like pulling teeth to get my 13 year old to come eat with the rest of the family. It’s either too much homework, trying to beat a high score on a game, or he just plain doesn’t love my vegan dishes. (pft). Whatever the reason, things will be changing immediately. In writing this piece, I’ve been reminded of the importance of breaking bread together; it’s not just about eating, it’s about connection. When you prepare meals and share them together, it’s a positive influence on yourself and your family/children. It’s an opportunity to talk about food- where it comes from, how to cook it, what it does for your body, what nutrients it provides, etc. It’s a teaching and learning opportunity for you and your family. When you discuss food and health together, chances are, better choices will be made outside of the home. That’s the hope, anyway. (fingers crossed) I find that when I let my kids help prepare the meal, they are more likely to eat more of it! (Bonus) Even my 5 year old daughter who is literally, THE pickiest eater on the planet.

Serving your food to someone is very personal and almost humbling in a sense. It’s one of the kindest and most fulfilling things you can do for a person; to quell someone’s hunger is a great feeling for both you and them. Because of this, your best intentions should be expressed through the food. Feelings and food are both sources of energy, and therefore transferable, so the energetic state you are in

while concocting your feast is very important as you want the person to feel pleasure and satiation while and after eating your meal. Just like with anything else, INTENTION is KEY. So, basically, check that aura before feeding someone because, ew, nobody wants to eat your stank ass attitude. If you prepare a meal in a nasty state of mind, best believe that negative energy is going down the throats and into the energy field of the recipient. Be aware of your state of mind. Pour love and gratitude for those in your life into the food. They will taste your appreciation, literally.

Eating together is basically the basis of community and life itself. It is usually the main time to communicate and bond with your loved ones. It’s not something that should be taken for granted; just because everyone has to eat, doesn’t mean we HAVE to do it together. It should be because you choose to and love the people in your circle. It’s the ultimate way to show someone affection and appreciation and should not be taken lightly. This is the time when you can actually sit down and look someone in their eyes and RELATE with and to them. This practice is one of the most important and oldest elements in society. We are social creatures; we need that feeling of belonging.

In that sense, eating together is a source of power, really. It gives us confidence in knowing that we are loved, appreciated and blessed to be so well fed :).

When my family gets together, it’s all laughs and clowning and just plain old good times. The positive energy and flow created at the dinner is tangible and carries on for days after. The memories created at the dinner table are priceless and beautiful. It’s a feeling everyone

should have, though many may not be so lucky to have anyone to share this experience with. So if you do, please don’t miss out on the precious moments that are created by taking the time to do this on a regular basis. The implications of the meal extend beyond the time of eating together.

Get your peeps together and get your grub on. It's good for the soul.

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