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The Full Story

Our  journey began in 2015 with 5 small kids in my backyard in Montbello, Colorado. I had them over most weekends and we just hung out, had “man talk” and learned how to grow food and garden. We called ourselves Rebels In The Garden.

Fast forward 8 years to 2023 and these kids are now young men , and my small daughter is now a vibrant and energetic 12 year old. As the kids got older our need to grow our Farm and Community became more of a necessity. We wanted to support our community and we also needed a place where the kids could sell their produce and interact with their community. So to fill this need We created Rebel Marketplace and it has shown the kids how hard work, time and community can turn into something amazing!

I am very proud of these young adults of Rebels In The Garden and I am extremely appreciative for our community and the support and love we receive.

So in short this is who we are. We are Rebels In The Garden and with our community vendors we created Rebel Marketplace!

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