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Feeding our community one Garden at a time.

People Garden for various reasons such as, leisure, excitement, free food and because that's just what you do during the summer months, right? While those are all great reasons to plant vegetables, The Rebels want to redefine what it means to "Garden". We don't own a farm so we use a collection of backyard "Gardens" to supply healthy locally grown food to our community. With each participating Neighborhood Garden we will be able to supply food to more and more people. 


We have partnered Urban Symbiosis in our efforts to build more Gardens in our community.  Click the link below to learn more and find ways to get involved.  We can’t wait to Rebel with you!



Who We Are

Rebel … Noun 1. A person who rises in opposition. Ron Finley said that “Gardening is the most defiant act one can perform.” This is because one is at risk of becoming free from an oppressive system. Our children don’t yet understand the struggle that lies ahead but we can provide the blue print for freedom. We are not Rebels without a cause…We are Rebels in the Garden!!!!!!

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